The GO360BOOTH team is an entrepreneurial youth full of passion and dreams. We have been providing various party services, but we found that in the party, guests have nothing to make them happier except drinking and chatting. We want more people to be happy,and freed from this stressful atmosphere, by chance, we discovered 360 photo booth, we have been working on 360-degree photography technology for the past few years, and encountered many setbacks in the middle, but God bless, These problems have all been solved

We named the brand GO360BOOTH, and we want more people to be able to "GO", let us spend our happy party in the 360 booth, full of passion and vitality.

Now, we decided to use our professional knowledge and technical advantages to provide customers with a full range of 360-degree photography and virtual reality experience services. We are committed to creating stunning visual effects for our customers, so that they can feel the charm of the environment, product or scene more intuitively.

Our team is composed of a group of people with rich professional experience and enthusiasm, we firmly believe that through continuous innovation and continuous improvement, we can provide the best service to our customers. Our vision is to become a leader in the industry and bring more colorful visual experience to customers.