Unleash the limitless possibilities of the 45" Glass 360 Automatic & Manual Photo Booth.

Item specifics

Base Height: 6.69"
Diameter: 45.28"
Arm: 71.10"
1212.54 lbs capacity
Condition : new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging Color : Black
To Fit : gopro; camera ;ipad ;smartphone
Material : Steel Material has higher stability , effectively prevents shaking and longer service life.
Manufacturer Warranty :3 Years
Features : Adjustable; automatic motorized, speed control;Anti-shaking, extremely stable, 0 noise, safety design
Country/Region of Manufacture : China

The platform base diameter of 360 photo booth are four sizes:
The diameter of 27" load-bearing is about 617lbs for 1-2 people to stand on;
The diameter of 32" load-bearing is about 771lbs for 1-3 people;
the diameter of 39" is about 992lbs for 1-5 people
And the diameter 45" is about 1212lbs for 1-7 people.
Each model comes with a flight case respectively which is convenient for push-pull.

Designed to cater to a wide range of applications, this photo booth is the perfect choice for events of all sizes.

  1. Ring Light 360 Photo Booth with Wide Range of Applications: Experience the versatility of our ring light-equipped 360 Photo Booth. Whether you're hosting a corporate event, wedding, trade show, or social gathering, this photo booth is adaptable to various occasions.

    The ring light illuminates subjects evenly, capturing stunning photos that are guaranteed to impress.

    From professional events to casual celebrations, our photo booth delivers exceptional results every time.

  2. Accommodates a Large Number of People: With its spacious design, our photo booth can accommodate a large number of people at once.

    Say goodbye to cramped spaces and limited photo opportunities. Guests can gather together, strike poses, and create unforgettable group shots.

    The generous space ensures that everyone can be a part of the excitement, making memories that will be cherished for years to come
  3. No Limit to the Platform: Enjoy the freedom of an unlimited platform with our photo booth. The open design allows for creative flexibility, enabling you to adapt the platform to suit your event's unique requirements.

    Whether you choose to add props, themed decorations, or custom branding, the platform serves as a blank canvas ready to be personalized and transformed to match your vision.

  4. Quick Payback for 360 Photo Booth Rentals: Investing in a 360 Photo Booth is not only a source of entertainment but also a smart business decision.

    With the high demand for immersive photo experiences, our photo booth rentals offer a quick payback. Generate revenue by offering this sought-after attraction at various events and occasions.

    Maximize your return on investment and reap the rewards of this profitable business opportunity.

Experience the boundless possibilities of the 45" Glass 360 Automatic & Manual Photo Booth.

Explore its wide range of applications, spacious capacity, unlimited platform potential, customizable booth logos, and the potential for quick payback through rentals.

Embrace the joy of capturing stunning photos while creating unforgettable memories for your guests.

Don't miss out on this exceptional photo booth that brings endless opportunities to elevate your events to new heights.