Enhance your event experiences with our impressive 39" LED 360 Photo Booth.

Item specifics
Platform Dimensions:
Base Height: 7.87"
Diameter: 39.37"
Arm: 71.10"
Travel Case Dimensions:
Width: 9.06"
Length: 39.35"
Height: 43.35"
Total Weight with Case: 165.30 lbs
992.08 lbs capacity
Condition : new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging Color : Black
To Fit : gopro; camera ;ipad ;smartphone
Material : Steel Material has higher stability , effectively prevents shaking and longer service life.
Manufacturer Warranty :3 Years
Features : Adjustable; automatic motorized, speed control;Anti-shaking, extremely stable, 0 noise, safety design
Country/Region of Manufacture : China

The platform base diameter of 360 photo booth are four sizes:
The diameter of 27" load-bearing is about 617lbs for 1-2 people to stand on;
The diameter of 32" load-bearing is about 771lbs for 1-3 people;
the diameter of 39" is about 992lbs for 1-5 people
And the diameter 45" is about 1212lbs for 1-7 people.
Each model comes with a flight case respectively which is convenient for push-pull.

Designed to create captivating memories, this photo booth is a perfect blend of innovation and elegance. 

    1. Large Number of 360 Photo Booth Accessories: Unlock endless possibilities with our comprehensive range of 360 photo booth accessories.

      From fun props to themed backdrops, we provide an extensive collection to cater to every occasion.

      Elevate your photo booth experience by allowing your guests to personalize their snapshots with an array of accessories, making each photo unique and memorable.

    2. Adjustable Length of Swivel Arm: Our photo booth features a versatile swivel arm with an adjustable length.

      This allows you to position the camera at the perfect height and angle, accommodating guests of all heights and capturing flawless 360-degree shots.

      The flexibility of the swivel arm ensures optimal photo quality, guaranteeing stunning results every time.

    3. Beautiful and Modern Platform: Experience a touch of sophistication with our beautiful and modern platform design.

      Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our photo booth platform exudes elegance and style, seamlessly blending into any event setting.

      The sleek and contemporary aesthetics create an inviting atmosphere, enticing guests to step in and create stunning memories.

    4. LED 360 Photo Booth with RGB Ring Light: Immerse yourself in a world of stunning visuals with our LED-equipped 360 Photo Booth.
      The built-in RGB ring light allows you to create mesmerizing lighting effects, adding a vibrant and dynamic touch to every photo.

      From vibrant colors to soft hues, you can effortlessly adjust the lighting to match the ambiance of your event, ensuring an unforgettable visual experience.

    Elevate your event to new heights with the 39" LED 360 Photo Booth.

    Revel in the mesmerizing RGB ring light, extensive range of accessories, adjustable swivel arm, beautiful platform design, and personalized logo integration.

    Get ready to witness your guests' excitement as they immerse themselves in the captivating world of 360-degree photography.

    Don't miss out on this exceptional photo booth that will take your event to the next level of unforgettable moments.